Private Referrals

You do not need a referral to see a psychologist and can attend therapy as a private client if preferred. This however means you are not eligible for Medicare rebates. If you hold private health insurance you may be eligible to a rebate depending on the type of cover you hold (please consult with your insurer to determine eligibility).

GP Referral Appointments (BAMH – Better Access to Mental Health referrals)

To see a psychologist under a BAMH referral you will need to access a mental health treatment plan under Medicare by referral from your GP, a psychiatrist or a paediatrician. If your GP is the referring practitioner he or she will need to prepare the Mental Health Treatment Plan during your medical appointment which may require a longer session time with your GP. It is best to book a longer appointment to complete the treatment plan accordingly. Under the Better Access initiative you will receive up to 10 Medicare rebated individual sessions in a calendar year (1 January to 31 December). 

Workcover / Workers Compensation – SIRA approved provider service:

We are SIRA approved/authorised health practitioners and are able to provide evidence based psychological services to you. 
If you have sustained a physical and/or psychological injury as a result of a workplace accident you may be eligible to receive Workers Compensation benefits under either the NSW Workcover scheme, or the Commonwealth Government’s ComCare scheme.
As a part of these schemes, you may be entitled to medical and related treatment in relation to your injuries, including psychological services. Once you have obtained a Workcover medical certificate from your doctor, together with recommendation to see a psychologist, we are able to commence a treatment plan for your return to work and wellbeing. 

Cognitive and Behavioural Assessments

All of our practitioners are trained in cognitive and behavioural assessments of childhood and adult learning capabilities. Cognitive assessments are used to determine and inform individualised interventions and learning plans, intellectual giftedness, learning difficulties and disabilities. It can support applications for NDIS plans and reviews and assist teachers in making appropriate accommodations for students in the classroom.

NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

As providers for NDIS we can assist clients who have plans that are self managed or plan managed. We provide cognitive assessments and report writing as well as tailored and client centred psychological treatment. We take great pride in providing a high quality and personalised NDIS service to our valued NDIS clients.

Work Development Orders

The Work and Development Order (WDO) scheme allows vulnerable clients to clear unpaid fines by completing activities or treatment. Kincumber Psychology Practice is able to offer this service to clients needing assistance with managing fines. This is completed through attending sessions with a psychologist and as part of this attendance fines will be reduced. For further information please contact the Practice to discuss.